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Reasons why your Website Sucks!!

| Website Info | March 7, 2015


Not to be harsh, but the reality is that plenty of businesses out there are running websites that do a serious disservice to their brand images. Whether it’s because their designs haven’t been updated in the past decade or that their sites don’t render properly in a mobile environment, it’s important to be aware of the pitfalls that affect both beginning and more experienced website owners.

Let’s get right to it: here are 8 reasons your website sucks – along with recommendations on how to fix the specific issues that are currently plaguing your site:


Reason 1 – Your content brings nothing new to the table

Ideally, if you’ve built a website, it’s because you have something new to offer the world – whether that’s a new product or a new idea to share.  If you’re only regurgitating what you’ve seen on other sites, there’s no reason for visitors to come back time and again in order to engage with your brand.

Reason 2 – Your site’s design is outdated

It isn’t 1996 anymore!  If your site is packed full of frames, beveled-edge tables and animated gifs, it’s time for a redesign.  Given the number of website templates and website building programs that are available today, this redesign doesn’t have to break your budget!

Reason 3 – You have no clear calls-to-action

If you want your website visitors to do something (for example, buy your products or sign up for your email newsletter), you’ve got to tell them to do it!  Adding calls-to-action to support your site’s primary goals is an important part of running a profitable website.

Reason 4 – Your design elements prohibit proper search engine indexing

In order to get your website listed in the natural search results, it needs to be accessible to the search engines’ indexing programs (or “spiders”).  Because plenty of different coded elements can prevent this from occurring, it’s a good idea to check your website against the Search Engine Spider Simulator.  If your site’s content doesn’t appear, analyze your code to determine what’s preventing the search engines from properly accessing your website.


Reason 5 – Your site isn’t cross-browser compatible

Don’t just build your website in one browser and assume it’ll work well in all the others.  Instead, check your site using a tool like Browser Shots to ensure that all viewers see the same thing.


Reason 6 – Your site hasn’t been updated in months

Website visitors don’t trust sites that haven’t been updated in months.  So if your sales or traffic are sluggish, it might be time for a new blog post, news update or other new article.


Reason 7 – You haven’t installed social sharing tools

Having visitors share your articles on social media websites is a great way to promote your brand and drum up new visitors.  However, readers aren’t usually willing to go out of their way to do this, so make the process as easy as possible by installing social sharing tools that appear alongside your individual articles.


Step 8 – Your site isn’t mobile-ready

Mobile web usage is booming, and if your website doesn’t display properly on these devices, you’re needlessly frustrating visitors and likely losing business as a result.  Thanks to tools like GoMobi, creating a mobile-ready website has never been easier.   Talk to your web developer about the various tools that can be installed to make your site more device-friendly


If this list sounds overwhelming, don’t panic.

Many of these issues can be solved with a single change – as in the case of upgrading your outdated design to a responsive website template whose colors better suit your brand and enable easy mobile access.

But whether or not your site’s issues are the “easy to fix” kind or something a little more complicated, it’s important that you regularly address all of these concerns and make updates as needed.

This process is a vital part of maintaining your brand’s authority and your site’s overall performance.



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