How do I attach images to my classified ad?

After you have navigated to the “Post an Ad” page, you will see “Add Image” under the “Images” sub-title.

You are allowed to upload 3 file(s). Maximum file size: 1024 KB.
If you have problems using the flash uploader, try the browser uploader instead.

Click on the browse button and select the image file you wish to upload. Please allow some time for the image file to be uploaded. Once the image file appears on the page, you may upload another image file by clicking the browse button and selecting another file.


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Client Testimonials

A well set-out site and easy to navigate. Load speed and navigation speed are pretty quick considering the distances involved here.(Half way round the World. Neat and tidy and a good idea.

Very concise and concurrent as well as strong contents site with a huge resource full of options for the advertiser !! Great page and super contents !!.


This online classifieds bill board is very well designed. They have a lot of categories for every thing from toys to pets. .

Great site offering a number of services and goods. Neat design and easy to navigate. All the Best..

A wonderful classified site. Keep us the good work!.

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