How can I get more responses to my ad?

The following are the top ways to increase the chance of getting a good response for your classified ads.

  • After posting your ad, do a ‘social boost’. This will make your advert appear on our Facebook, Google + and ¬†Twitter pages
  • Attach one or more pictures in your advert. Ads with images will appear on the ‘Featured Ads’ section on the Homepage.
  • Make the title and description as detailed as possible. For example, “2010 Ford Ikon 10000 Kilo meters” is better than “New car for sale”
  • “Negotiable” ads receive better responses than “Fixed Price” ads. So, if you are flexible on price, make your ad negotiable
  • Make it convenient for buyer to view or pick up the item for sale
  • Specify where the item is located

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Client Testimonials

A well set-out site and easy to navigate. Load speed and navigation speed are pretty quick considering the distances involved here.(Half way round the World. Neat and tidy and a good idea.

Very concise and concurrent as well as strong contents site with a huge resource full of options for the advertiser !! Great page and super contents !!.


This online classifieds bill board is very well designed. They have a lot of categories for every thing from toys to pets. .

Great site offering a number of services and goods. Neat design and easy to navigate. All the Best..

A wonderful classified site. Keep us the good work!.

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